Dre Anaïs Thibault-Landry,

Dre Anaïs Thibault-Landry

Psychologist, member of the Order of psychologist of Quebec

Fascinated by interpersonal dynamics, Anaïs completed her PhD in psychology at the Université du Québec à Montréal. The main reason that led her to study psychology is her desire to have an impact on our community through her personal, professional and academic contributions. Anaïs completed her clinical training in a mixed humanist and psychoanalytic approach. She rounds off her practice with mindfulness techniques and cognitive-behavioral interventions. She places particular importance on knowing oneself and emotions, as well as one’s life story.

For more than 10 years, she has been involved as a counselor, working with a diverse clientele, presenting a variety of personal and relational issues and problematics such as career transition, mood disorders, eating disorders, and addiction, in several community organizations in the greater Montreal region.

As part of her practice in business psychology, Anaïs uses her expertise in talent management & analytics, recruitment, diversity & employment equity. Anaïs has published more than a dozen scientific-reviewed articles and more than forty conferences on motivation and psychological health at work. Her most recent line of research as a post-doctoral fellow at Concordia and professor-researcher at the Cegep level aims to understand how to promote recognition in at work.

Her personal, professional and academic experiences have taught her to think critically and to develop her observation, analytical and intervention skills. In this sense, they have greatly contributed to the development of a professional posture that conveys active listening, openness and collaboration, and promotes problem solving and innovation. In order to build a good therapeutic alliance with her clients, Anaïs offers different approaches and works with you to determine the best one according to the issue you wish to address, your progress, and the best practices validated and recommended in the literature. Her style is empathetic and authentic, aiming for empowerment and collaboration. Finally, as a psychologist and a member of the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec, remaining on top of her field through continuous training is a priority for Anaïs to ensure the quality of her services.

Anaïs can see you at our clinic in Longueuil or by videoconference.